Make a Shabby Chic Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath DIY for Fall

Inside: Learn how to make a stunning shabby chic inspired Fall Dollar Tree Wreath diy with a pumpkin wire wreath form. Keep reading, below you’ll see our video tutorial and learn all the steps you need to create a stunning shabby chic Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath diy for your front door this Fall.

Dollar Tree Wreath DIY graphic
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I’ve been saving so many fall wreath DIYs on TikTok lately, and guess what? I got so inspired that I decided to make one myself using a few items from Dollar Tree! Can’t wait to get creative and decorate for the season!

The great thing about this Fall Dollar Tree wreath diy tutorial is that it’s easy, budget-friendly, and it’s perfect for beginners!

So off to Dollar Tree’s craft section I went to search for inspiration to make a cheap but stunning pumpkin wreath. So, I went and bought a lot… I mean, like, too much. Now I’ll probably have more Fall DIY projects than I even planned for!

I ended up buying 2 Dollar Tree pumpkin wreath form, cute knit mini pumpkins, and lots of fall floral decor. But, in reality I spent under $5 bucks for this Dollar Tree wreath diy. I had some leftover chenille chunky yarn and twine from a Christmas project last year, and guess what? I’m super happy I saved it because this fall wreath turned out absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s what you’ll need:

If you’re short on time or don’t have a local dollar store, you can use the Amazon links above to buy everything online for this awesome autumn wreath home decor project.

How to make a fall Dollar Tree wreath diy:

Step 1. Start by wrapping the chenille chunky yarn around the entire pumpkin wire form. Secure the ends with hot glue to ensure it stays in place. Note: For this step, I recommend putting on your favorite show because it’s a little time-consuming but worth it in the end!

    wrapping yarn around a pumpkin wire wreath

    Step 2. Repeat step 1 with the twine for the pumpkin stem.

    wrap twin around stem of pumpkin form

    Step 3. Double loop bow assembly: First measure how much of a tail that you want and how big you want the bow loop to be. Then holding the first loop, make another loop on the other side and pinch in the middle. Repeat again to make a third on first side again and finally the fourth loop on the opposite side. Keep all the ribbon pinched in the middle and you can use a piece of floral wire or a small piece of ribbon to secure the bow together in the middle. Finally, trim the tails of the ribbon to your desired length. See my Instagram reel for video tutorial.

    Step 4. Cut small sections of the fall foliage and tuck them behind the bow and hot glue the bow and foliage to the base of the stem. Hot glue a mini pumpkin in the middle of the bow. Voila! You just made a beautiful shabby chic pumpkin wreath for your front door this fall.

    fall Dollar Tree wreath diy display

    Watch our Instagram Reel for video tutorial

    Did you know that Dollar Tree seasonal crafts have taken the DIY world by storm? Crafty people from all walks of life have embraced this affordable and versatile dollar store crafts, creating unique wreaths to suit their personal styles. From farmhouse designs to shabby chic aesthetics, the possibilities are endless!

    fall pumpkin wreath displayed on door

    I hope you enjoyed this easy diy Dollar Tree Fall wreath. This has been one of my favorite fall crafts to make this year. With a little imagination you can put your own twist and personalize the entire wreath by playing around with different colors, textures, wooden beads, and embellishments. Have fun crafting!

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