Whimsical Grinch Christmas Tree DIY Décor for your Home

Let’s add a touch of playful whimsy to your holiday decor this year! Learn how to make this super fun yarn Grinch Christmas tree DIY project! They’re sure to bring a festive and playful vibe to your home.

grinch christmas tree diy graphic of 3 yarn christmas trees
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One of my family’s all-time favorite Christmas movies is the 1966 classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. There’s just something about those cherished childhood memories of gathering with my family to watch it on Christmas Eve. I still get a wave of nostalgia whenever I think about it!

grinch dressed as santa claus

You know what? This craft is actually super easy! With just a few step-by-step instructions and a bunch of fun ways to decorate your Whoville Christmas trees, you’ll have festive holiday décor in no time. These whimsical Whoville Christmas trees are delightful and eye-catching décor to any holiday home.

Last year, I made these yarn Christmas trees for my foyer entry table and it was a great way to decorate your home for the holidays on a budget!

yarn christmas trees displayed

This year, I decided to go bigger and make a whole forest of yarn tree and wanted to incorporate the playfulness of some Grinch-inspired trees to decorate my living room. It was so easy to made just poster board, yarn and hot gun! I even used the leftover yarn that this project for my Grinch Christmas Tree diy.

10 Ways to Decorate your Grinch Christmas Tree

  1. Wrap your Grinch yarn tree in colorful, twinkling fairy lights for a magical glow.
  2. Adorn your tree with small red, white, and green pom poms.
  3. Add some cute miniature bauble or candy cane foil confetti for that classic Christmas vibe!
  4. Let the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes by placing red heart-shaped ornaments all over the tree.
  5. Adorn the Whoville Christmas tree with tiny red bows.
  6. Decorate your yarn Christmas trees with mini-Christmas tree ornaments from the craft store.
  7. Top the tree with a Santa hat or a single large red ornament as a nod to the Grinch’s famous disguise.
  8. Pair the tree with a small plush Cindy Lou Who doll or a Max the Dog at its base.
  9. For a more sophisticated look, use only mini gold and silver bells, maintaining the Grinch theme through the shape and color of the tree itself.
  10. Hang a sparkly star with fishing line from the top of the Grinch Christmas tree for that fun and whimsical vibe!
grinch tree diy displayed

10 Ways to Use Your Yarn Christmas Tree in your Home

1. Arrange a Yarn Tree Trio: Put three yarn Christmas trees of different heights together on a side table or mantel for a super cute and holiday display.

2. Window Decoration: Place yarn trees on your window sill and twine them with fairy lights for a festive, glowing display.

3. Centerpiece Magic: How about using the yarn Christmas tree as the centerpiece on your dining table? You can surround it with flameless candles and pinecones to create a cozy forest-like vibe.

4. Entryway Table: How about placing different sizes of yarn trees at your entryway? It’s a fun and whimsical way to welcome guests and set the perfect vibe for your holiday decorations!

5. Shelf Accent: Add a couple of adorable mini yarn trees to your bookshelves for a festive touch in every corner!

6. Coffee Table Display: Put together a cute bunch of yarn trees on a tray and pop it on the coffee table to give your living area a festive vibe.

7. Kitchen Delight: Add a touch of cheer to your kitchen by placing a cute yarn tree on the countertop or kitchen island. It’s a simple and fun way to brighten up your space!

8. Bedroom Cheer: Place a yarn Christmas tree on your bedside table or dresser for a festive touch in your bedroom.

9. Bathroom Decor: Even your bathroom can rock some Christmas spirit! A cute little yarn tree is just the thing for your vanity or bathroom shelf.

10. Workspace Holiday: Give your home office a touch of festive cheer by adding a yarn Christmas tree to your desk. It’s the perfect way to spread holiday spirit in your workspace!

Here’s What You’ll Need

yarn christmas tree supplies

Helpful tip: I made these cute yarn Christmas trees using Styrofoam cones and cut poster board to shape them. Personally, I found that attaching the foil to the poster board was easier, but both options worked. That’s just my take on it!

Grinch Christmas Tree DIY Instructions

Step One: Cut the poster board into a pie shape. Start to roll up one end of the pie corner into a funnel shape. Leave an opening at the top so the foil can fit inside, then use tape to secure cone.

poster board for grinch christmas tree diy

Step Two: Crumple up a piece of aluminum foil and shape it into your desired tree top shape. Styrofoam cone: Use hot gun to attach the foil tree top to the top of the cone. Poster board cone: Insert the foil end into the Styrofoam top of the cone.

glue foil to Styrofoam cone
attach the foil to poster board cone for whoville christmas tree

Step Three: Apply the hot glue to the top of the Grinch Christmas tree and then begin wrapping the yarn around the foil and cone. I used a bead of hot glue all the down the cone to secure yarn in place.

hot glue yarn to grinch christmas tree
wrap yarn around cone

Step Four: Apply a bead of hot gun around the Styrofoam bottom edge to secure last row of yarn in place.

green yarn christmas trees

Step Five: I used these cute mini red, white, and green pom poms to decorate the yarn Christmas trees. But hey, feel free to get creative with this holiday décor project and make it your own!

green yarn grinch christmas trees
whoville christmas trees

I hope you enjoyed making these whimsy yarn Grinch Christmas tree diy project brings you Christmas cheer this holiday season! Now that you have all the steps and tips you need to create your own yarn Grinch Christmas tree diy, it’s time to get creative and spread holiday cheer with a touch of whimsy.

Remember to personalize your Whoville tree with unique ornaments that will remind you about the classic The Grinch Who Stole Christmas story.

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