Easy Fall Pumpkin Planter DIY for your Front Porch

Inside: This simple craft project will add that pumpkin spice and everything nice touch to your front porch and make your home look even more inviting this fall season. With just a few materials and an hour to so, you can create an eye-catching display of pumpkins and flowers that will greet your guests with fall vibes.

fall pumpkin planter diy graphic
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I’m so pumped that fall is right around the corner! It’s hands down my favorite season. And it’s awesome to know that I’m not alone in getting started on decorating early!

This easy DIY fall decor project has to be one of the easiest fall diy projects we’ve ever made! It only takes a few materials and an hour of your time, but the end result is worth it!

This fall pumpkin planter is filled with cream and blue faux flowers with a cute pumpkin as the centerpiece. We reused our front porch planter pots, but you can also find affordable and beautiful planters at your local home improvement store or online.

What You’ll Need

fall pumpkin planter diy graphic

Pumpkin Prep

Hey, if you come across the perfect size, tall and narrow, and just the right color, please give me a heads up! I’ve been on the hunt but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I ended up painting some in the shade I wanted.

pumpkin and paint

So, I grabbed the craft paint that I already had – a mix of Territorial Beige, Vanilla Ice Cream, Tropic Orange, and just a touch of Jack-o-lantern by Apple Barrel. The color turned out perfect! I also went ahead and added a layer of clear sealer to keep it safe from any moisture.

Flower Prep

While I was waiting for the pumpkins to dry, it was time to get my flowers ready. I grabbed my trusty tin snips and started separating and sorting the flowers for both planters.

fall flowers

Put it all Together

Just grab a couple of your Amazon boxes (or any small containers that are the same size and can fit inside your planter), and cut them down to the size you want. Then, simply trace and cut the floral black for planters and lay it on top of the box inside the planter. Easy peasy!

box in planter
floral block in planter

Alright, let’s get started! Pop your pumpkin right in the middle and start filling in the flowers around it. Don’t forget to repeat the same process on the second planter.

pumpkin in a contatiner

And just like that, you now have a gorgeous fall pumpkin planter ready to be displayed on your front porch or anywhere in your home. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of autumn charm to your decor.

fall pumpkin planter diy graphic
fall pumpkin planters for your front porch

You can switch up the colors and textures of pumpkins, flowers, and planters to create a unique look that’s all your own. No matter what you choose, this easy fall DIY project will be the perfect addition to your autumn home decor! 

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Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY projects, so stay tuned to Grit and Graceful Blog for more creative inspiration and exciting crafting ideas. Happy fall crafting!

fall pumpkin planter diy graphic

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