35 Awesome + Fun STEM Activities to make with LEGOS

These creative LEGO STEM activities for kids will keep them busy for hours! As parents, we have a huge responsibility to help our children develop and become productive citizens, while still balancing how to keep them entertained. STEM activities are the perfect solution to helping kids to have a better understanding of the world and how to relate to it. 

What does STEM stand for?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM activities are great for kids because they provide hands-on fun with science and math. Kids will learn without even realizing it! 

The following LEGO STEM activities for kids will keep them engaged and entertained. What’s even better? You may even find that you enjoy LEGO building along with your kids. Making memories, having fun, and learning…that’s a win in my parenting book! 

Kids of all ages love to build with LEGO bricks! Below, you will find 35 easy STEM activities for kids arranged by age level to entertain your kids and help grow their minds with LEGO building!

Fun LEGO STEM Activities for Preschoolers

lego stem activities for kids
lego steam activities
  • LEGO Color Sort Activity for hands-on fun. – This Little Home of Mine
  • Build a LEGO Car and provide hours of play with their new creation. – Preschool Powol Packets
rainbow lego
  • Get creative with the LEGO Rainbow Activity. – STEAMsational
lego steam activities
  • LEGO More or Less will help kids explore the idea of greater than/less than. – Stir the Wonder

Fun LEGO STEM Activities for Kindergarten Students

lego bridge building
counting with legos
lego stem activities
math with legos
  • LEGO Addition Cards will provide hands on fun to improve addition skills. – Playdough to Plato
lego marble maze
  • Kids can create an easy and fun to make Lego Marble Maze. – The Centsible life
counting money with legos
stem activities
  • Are your kids up for a real challenge? This Flat LEGO Challenge is sure to do the trick. – Picklebums
lego counting activitiy
lego car maze
  • Kids will love using lego bricks to build a maze for cars. – Fun Learning for Kids

Fun LEGO STEM Activities for Elementary Students

lego balancing scale
lego STEM coding activiities
  • Try some LEGO Computer Coding Activities. Computer coding is a huge industry! Engage your kids early and who knows where it could take them! – Little Bins for Little Hands
LEGO pulley
Lego world mosaics
  • Build a world map with this World LEGO Mosaic Pattern. It is sure to provide a challenge and you will be amazed by the beauty of the end product! – Childhood 101
stem activities for kids
lego rubberband car

Fun LEGO STEM Projects for Middle School Students

LEGO STEM Activities for Middle Schoolers
LEGO steam activities
  • Create a 3D Water Cycle Project and help your child understand the importance of water conservation. – EDventures with Kids
  • This Wind Powered STEM Activity is sure to engage and excite your child to learn all about the power of the wind! – STEAM Powered Family
  • Create your own LEGO Spinning tops and challenge your friends, – Frugal Fun 4 Boys
lego building set
STEM coding with legos
  • Get your older kids started coding with this Coding an LEGO Maze activity. This activity can be adapted for younger kids as well! – Research Parent

Whether you’re looking to engage your kids with indoor activities or outdoor challenges, this list will help you find what you’re looking for. Low prep STEM activities are the perfect way to show your children the magical world of science and mathematics in a fun way. Don’t be afraid to try all of the activities with your children, regardless of age. These groupings are based on development, but there is a lot to be learned for all kids in these activities, regardless of age. Happy LEGO building!

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