Fun Dollar Tree Glow in the Dark Bowling Activity

This easy Dollar Tree diy is easy to make and fun to play Glow in the dark bowling activity. It’s the perfect night time activity that can be played indoors and outdoors for kids and adult fun.

glow in the dark bowling

Take this awesome activity to the backyard at night or create some fun camping memories with this easy to make boredom buster activity.

It’s the perfect entertainment activity for your kid’s birthday party, family, or work gatherings.

Re-purpose empty plastic water bottles and get a couple packs of glow sticks from your local Dollar Tree store to make the glow in the dark bowling pins.

How to make glow in the dark bowling

glow in the dark bowling supplies


  • 6 empty water bottles
  • 6 glow sticks
  • funnel
  • Ball
  • Water


  1. Using your funnel, uncap and fill all empty water bottles with tap water leaving enough space to add the glow sticks.
water funnel

2. Activate all glow sticks and place them in the filled water bottles. Secure cap back on.

glow stick in water bottle
glow sticks in water bottles

How to Play Glow in the dark Bowling

  1. Place the water bottles in a pyramid (3 in the back, 2 in the middle, and 1 in front).
  2. Make a line on the ground to mark 10 to 20 feet from the glow-in-the-dark bowling pins. This distance depends on the skill level and ages of players.
  3. Using a ball, roll the ball toward the pins and try to knock as many down as possible.
  4. Each player will get 2 turns to throw the ball unless the player knocks down all the glow-in-the dark bowling pins on the first try. Which that is called a “strike”.
  5. Each game has 10 rounds or frames.
  6. Each bowling pin represents 1 point. Add all the pins that were knocked down during the first and second try during the player’s turn.
  7. Finish all 10 frames and add up all the player’s points to see who got the highest score.
glow in the dark bowling

Tips for Playing Glow in the dark Bowling at Home

  • Make sure the playing surface is level and any rocks or sticks are cleared away.
  • Play around with the size and weight of ball. For younger players under 6 years old, try using larger balls for easy accuracy. Small balls for older kids.
  • This game will teach younger kids the value of sportsmanship, taking turns and counting along with addition.

I hope you enjoyed making this fun and easy Dollar Tree crafts activity. Remember to have fun and create happy memories with your family.

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